Sunset of Pink and Purple Colours – Henley Beach Jetty

February 3, 2018

s͞u͞n͟s͞e͞t͟ o͞f͟ p͟i͞n͟k͞ a͞n͟d͟ p͟u͞r͟p͟l͟e͞ c͞o͞l͟o͞u͞r͟s͞ – h͟e͞n͟l͟e͞y͞ b͟e͞a͞c͞h͟ j͟e͞t͟t͟y͞ ?

Long time ago I was in Adelaide and got a time to ventured out for the day. I had no idea that the sunset on that day could be like this. I drove back to my uncle’s place near the city and bring my camera to capture this beautiful sunset view. The sun was very clear and bright at first but as I waited, the colour suddenly erupted right in front of me. Such a magic moment which makes the visit to the HENLEY BEACH a really worth while 🙂 .

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