SUNDAY FUNDAY! Do you like saltwater fishing ?

February 3, 2018

s͞u͞n͟d͟a͞y͞ f͟u͞n͟d͟a͞y͞! d͟o͞ y͞o͞u͞ l͟i͞k͞e͞ s͞a͞l͟t͟w͞a͞t͟e͞r͟ f͟i͞s͞h͟i͞n͟g͞?

Cool off in the water during the summer months in Streaky Bay. This town of Eyre Peninsula gets fairly warm during the summer months but there are plenty of nice and cool attractions to escape to, you can explore the great outdoors such as West all Way loop, Back Beach, Murphy Haystacks, Point Labatt which is a home for the sea lions. Fishing in Streaky Bay is another popular hobby, look at the picture “FISHERMANS WITH THEIR FISHING RODS ON THE SHORELINE”. Nice mornings with fishing is the lifestyle, it is a great summer activity so go fishing early in the morning.

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