A Welcoming image for the day!

February 1, 2018

A͞ w͞e͞l͟c͞o͞m͞i͞n͟g͞ i͞m͞a͞g͞e͞ f͟o͞r͟ t͟h͟e͞ d͟a͞y͞

Dusk and the dawn is a beautiful time when is hard to photograph. For me this picture is breathtaking because this picture has the gloomy sky and the cool lightening. I have just used my own trick to shoot at the right time. Tripod and the standard primary lens are the only gears I have used to capture this. I have tried many times to get this cozy effect but i was unlucky but not today! If you look at this picture all I did is from the viewfinder I adjust the correct exposure using the manual mode because the sky loses the light as the time progresses. I came away with a lot of great shots, but this one ended up as my favourite sunset.

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